Constitution and by-Laws with Proof of Ratification.

 Essay about Constitution and by-Laws with Proof of Ratification.


(University with the City of Manila)

Intramuros, Manila



S. Y. 2013-2014



We, the officers and members of Lakas Business, involving the direction of the Divine creator determined by a common desire to plan a sports activities organization that could promote not only mental actions but also physical/sports activities among registrants of the College of Nursing in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, to determine sportsmanship and camaraderie among nursing students, to motivate nursing learners to believe within their physical and mental skillsets, and to build a responsible management, do hereby ordain and promulgate this kind of constitution.


General Conditions

Section 1 . This metabolism shall be known as the constitution from the College of Nursing Lakas Organization.

Section 2 . This kind of constitution shall subject to University or college, College and Organization guidelines and regulation.


Duties, Requirement and Function

Section 1 . Is it doesn't duty of every nursing pupil especially the associates and officials of Lakas to observe, esteem and upholds this cosmetic.

Section installment payments on your It is an obligation of the people and representatives of Lakas to participate in all activities of the School and College or university of Nursing.

Section three or more. Lakas firm shall workout the following capabilities and function:

a. Adopt and promulgate a unique lawful rules;

b. End up being the official rep in the sports activities organization in College of Nursing; c. Advice and make advice to the CNSC concerning in sports activities; and d. Present and coordinate events/programs associated with the athletics such as intramurals and sports' fest. CONTENT III

Rules and Objectives

Section 1 . Statement of Purpose: Athletic programs give a vehicle for the physical, mental, and social progress the College of Nursing's teenagers and women. Spotting this, the College of Nursing " LAKAS” sports firm, an organization of College of Nursing's young men and females, is specialized in the purpose of providing athletic instructions, opportunities and experiences pertaining to the small students of the College of Nursing jobs.

Section 2 . Declaration of Principles: The following general principles shall govern most aspects of the " LAKAS” sports company activities and programs. These principles are implemented throughout the " LAKAS” sports corporation By-Laws.

a. The purpose of the programs provided by the " LAKAS” sports organization is the development of expertise, teamwork, sportsmanship and camaraderie among people of the firm; b. The " LAKAS” sports organization has the responsibility of offering an environment pertaining to the growth of the students. Each of our members have the responsibility of abiding by By-Laws with the sports business, of improving the legal rights and emotions of additional participants, along with always operating in a fashion consistent with the rules and functions of the " LAKAS” athletics organization; c. The " LAKAS” sports activities organization need to teach every single person to shoot for excellence at all times and to teach them as far as possible about the guidelines, practices and strategy of any given kind of sports; deb. The " LAKAS” sports activities organization provides the responsibility to train each member in order to practice personal discipline in training and competing; and e. For the users to learn to cooperate and communicate and play pertaining to the team also to play seriously and fairly within the rules at all times and also to demonstrate value for all opposing team and established at all times.


Officers of the Lakas Organization

Section1. The Lakas Organization shall have the pursuing officers: President, Vice-president, Admin, Treasurer, Auditor and Public Relations Officer.


Capabilities and Function of the Lakas Representatives

Section 1 . The President...

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