Cultural Selection in the Workplace

 Cultural Variety in the Workplace Essay

Cultural Diversity in the Armenian Community


The ethnical context pertaining to the Armenian person may be the result of protecting and protecting a way of your life and ideals that have been maintained for centuries, pertaining to perhaps two thousand years. For that reason, even though Armenians residing in the United States today come from various countries of origin, and could to some extent speak different dialects or even diverse languages, but they have various cultural commonalities due to hundreds of years of commonality. The cultural similarities among the Armenians can be seen mainly in three place to place: Spirituality, historicity, and relatives.

Spiritual techniques refers to the angle of that which is valued is obviously, and that which in turn must being upheld and defended beneath any and all conditions, regardless of the cultural environment and surrounding circumstances.

Historicity refers to that which has been customarily done, the В‘Armenian life style, ' В– both what is important and perhaps not as important. While spirituality may refer even more to В‘content, ' the important values is obviously, historicity refers more towards the living В‘process, ' how the important beliefs in life will be attained.

Family on the other hand is definitely the everyday living environment within which in turn spirituality and historicity are applied and lived away. В‘Family' in the Armenian community refers to more than the family of beginning or the elemental family. Instead, it includes both these along with all the extended along with even the little surrounding community. These relatives ties are much more important and influential in the decision making procedure than would initially look, therefore , they need to be known and comprehended. All Armenians may not maintain the same spirituality, historicity, and family values, however , they might still way life's decisions based on these cultural categories.

The Armenians living in the usa, especially those who also live in huge communities usually discover opposing trends between the culture by which they were raised, and those with the dominant tradition in which they need to live, operate, interface, and survive.

Doing work at the Berjikian Law Firm

Vicken Berjikian proven the Berjikian law firm in 1983, like a criminal defense and private injury company. In the past 18 years the Berjikian Lawyer has grown to be established and well known inside the Armenian community. The Berjikian law firm is known as a culturally varied place to job, Mr. Berjikian, the owner provides employed not only family members although also in the past, he offers employed legal professionals who have came in every form and culture. At Berjikian law firm the atmosphere is definitely homely, as well as the employees are meant to feel that they may be family. Inside the Armenian community В‘family' identifies more than the natural family. Instead, it includes the folks in the workplace. Among the this is when the Armenian community, voted The Berjikian Practice as the top attorney workplace in Glendale when the Glendale Newspress posted the best of 2000 readers' choice on April 26 of this 12 months.

Jack an associate of our group, has been utilized as a paralegal at the firm since January 96. Jack's younger sister is the receptionist. The various other paralegal is definitely the owner's sister-in-law who has been with the company for over 13 years. Orly Talmor a Jewish detrimental attorney, has been with the organization for over 8-10 years. Orly met her present hubby Marc Goldberg while both equally working with the law firm. Erik Rutkowski a Polish felony workers comp and private injury legal professional, joined the family group last year.

Employee cross-cultural connection

Some employees at the lawyer, understand that cross-cultural communication includes the ability to effectively form, promote, and increase relationships with members of the culture not the same as their own. It can be based on knowledge of many elements, such as the other culture's values, perceptions, good manners, social composition, and decision-making...

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