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x-ray film composition

2. The type of x-ray film most commonly used must have a versatile and slender transparent bottom coated on both sides with sensitive emulsion. An cement adhesive layer is definitely coated for the base prior to adding the emulsion to provide maximum contact with the important emulsion layer. A supercoat or protective covering is then accustomed to protect the sensitive emulsion surface. The exterior protective covering is essential pertaining to protection of the film area at the time of use in a film holder. Composed of distinct materials:

Single Emulsion- has no parallax effect

Protetive coating


Backing layer


Adhesive Layer- attaches the layer film

Emulsion- effective layer

Protective Layer- to shields the emulsion

Ttypes of X-ray Film

* The types of film availabale intended for diagnostic radiology are grouped as: 5. Screen film

2. Direct coverage

* Single emulsion

5. Dupliction

5. Subtraction

* Mammography

5. Dental

Double Emulsion- have a parallax impact

Protective coating


Adhesive Level


Adhesive Layer



a couple of Most Important Layer

1 . Emulsion

2 . Bottom

* Xray film was produced being sensitive to blue violet light, and we reffered to it since blue hypersensitive film. In diagnostic radiology, radiogrpher make use of primarily green sensitive and orthochromatic. Orthochromatic describe the type of film found in radiology, whbich is known as green sensitive. It can be sensitive virtually all colors in the spectrum, apart from red. Panchromatic is the term used to describe film that is used in photography because it is sensitive to any or all colors in the visible mild spetrum. Sreen type of film

2. Screen film requires flouresent light in addition to x-rays to provide ideal efficiency. Which means that it should be combined with intensifying displays which are identified inside film holder. Display screen type film has emulsion coated in both sides, which can make it even more effiecent. A negative aspect of the double emulsion is the parallax effect. From this, light enters from a great angle impacting a particular just right the emulsion and moves through the different side stunning a spot not exactly matching to the opposit layer. The parallax effectresults in reduced resolution around the image. Display screen film

2. Most widely used in radiography prior to digital radiography area 2. Intended to foundation used with one or two intensifying display * Even more sensitive to light and less sensitive to x-ray

* Thin than direct exposure film

5. Require less development period

2. Can be manually or instantly procssed

* Have got eihter solitary or double emulsion covering

* Have parallax effect (light enter in particular part and travel to the other side) result in reduced resolution Direct exposure film

* Immediate exposure film is designed especially for use with no intensifying display. This type of film is made for make use of with the direct exposure of x-ray photons. Direct exposure film features thicker emulsion, with a greater amount of silver halide crystals. Since direct direct exposure film also less hypersensitive to light, the flouresent light from the intensifying display would be ineffectve. An increase in coverage factor is needed with the use of this sort of film compared to the use of display film and intensifying display screen it is recommended intended for low direct exposure examinations of thin areas of the body. Sil; verificar halide crstal- active ingredient

* Also referred to as non-screen film

* Intended to be employed in cardboard holder instead of cassette without intensfying screen 2. Has sole emulsion

* Significanly thicker that screen film

* Requires more development time

5. Require more exposure and necessitate manual processing * Usually employed in the intra oral teeth radiography

* The majority of sharp in " detail” compared to screen film

Single emulsion film

* Single emulsion film offers emulsion layered on one part of the basic...

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