Katangian Ng Modernong Babae

 Katangian Ng Modernong Babae Essay

Response Paper


Stage Play

Subwoofer. By: Babaran, Vina C.


Subwoofer. To: Mr. Sammy Elizabeth. Marcos


Ticket Number 1075

Reciept No . 63817

STARS (JP Lopez)

Character types:

Cindy Liper as Wilma Jerie Sanchez as Juday Patricia Lopez as Norma Ken Sadsad as Edward cullen Junelyn Villareal as Jolens Jm Encinas as Boyet


There were 2 known person in showbiz, who also are older friends, although because of their feelings on a man they became enemy for some time.. even if they may be neighbors they have been outdoing & became most detrimental. E ven if their maids (yaya) will be in the same situation and same thought. This 2 known person in showbiz have a sons whom promised those to bring them in United States. And once their kids came house from America, they are looking to say that their son is preferable to the other. And when they are really fighting as well as quarilling once again, their kids admitted they own re3lationship, and intend to live abroad also because of that unforeseen news, they felt remorse, they realize and woke up that preventing against the other person is no positive thing to offer. And finally they started to be friends all over again.


This kind of play is really fuuny.. because each one of all of them delivered their job nice & energetic. The majority of specially Canon & Wilma, together w/ their maids Judy & Jolenz.. And i also like that enjoy very much., for the reason that they made me happy.



Cherry Bagtas as Benny Chin Ortega as Eagle Patrick Libao as Bok Gabby Bautista as Batik


This kind of 3 littermates have a store/ store where-in almost all their selling products are originated in stealing., For this reason, they currently mastered the act of stealing just like AKYAT-BAHAY, SHOPLIFTING, etc ....

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