NT1110 Module5 Research laboratory

 NT1110 Module5 Lab Essay

Task 1: Understanding BIOS and POST

1 ) A user boot styles his or her laptop and hears a sequence of six beeps. The computer uses AMI BIOS. What mistake is suggested by the six beeps? The error that may be indicated by six beeps is 8042 Gate AZ0 test error. This beep code is usually caused by an expansion greeting card that has failed pt the motherboard that is certainly no longer working. 2 . A different sort of user having a computer employing Phoenix THE BIOS hears a chain of beeps with breaks in between. The sequence is usually beep - pause -- beep beep beep - pause -- beep beep beep beep- pause -- beep beep beep. What error is usually indicated with this beep series? The mistake that is mentioned by this beep sequence can be test 512k base recollection.

Task a couple of: Basic Security

Firewalls can be hardware equipment or software packages. Hardware firewalls protect a whole network. Computer software firewalls guard a single computer. Research the net for an example of each of these types of firewalls and review their features. Linksys and Cisco produce firewall/routers for home use. The Zone labs are an example of a software firewall. 1 . Application firewall: ZoneAlarm

two approach firewall

advanced firewall

privacy and security toolbar

identity protection

antivirus/anti-spyware engine

threat emulation

personal computer tune up

locate my laptop computer

enhanced browser protection

advanced real time anti-virus

2 . Hardware firewall: Sophos

new SG series devices

advanced menace protection

dynamic app control

web spyware and adware protection

lamps performance

custom web processing

VPNs made easy

complete on-box reporting

flexible deployment

simple management

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